The PAWS Protocol:

Small Group Coaching Program

Next Cohort starts January 1st, 2021!


Kelly works directly with clients, administering her program nationally through online individual coaching sessions. The program is designed for adults and teens:

  • Receiving treatment for substance abuse
  • In early- to long-term Recovery from substance abuse or dependence
  • Living with anxiety, depression or other low moods

15-Minute Consultation by phone or video conference – Free

The following packages are available for purchase:

Recover Well:

6 Week Recovery Nutrition Program$399

This is a 6 week coaching package designed for individuals in recovery from any and all addictive substances including but not limited to alcohol, marijuana, nicotine, caffeine, cocaine, methamphetamine’s, opiates/opioids or benzodiazepines.  Over the course of 6 weeks we address potential nutrient deficiencies and brain chemistry imbalances related to PAWS (post-acute withdrawal syndrome) that may be causing anxiety, depression, agitation, lethargy, insomnia or other low moods.  This program uses targeted nutrition and amino acid therapy to improve mood, reduce cravings and prevent relapse. Together we create a customized nutrition and recovery plan to help you experience a happy, healthy and thriving recovery.

AF + Well

4 Week Alcohol Recovery Program-$299

This is a 4 week coaching package designed specifically for individuals recovering from alcohol abuse/addiction or gray area drinking who would like to use nutrition as a tool to improve mood, reduce cravings and prevent relapse.  This program is tailored to the unique needs of individuals in recovery who may be experiencing low moods, insomnia, lethargy, cravings, and reactive hypoglycemia.  Together we create a plan to address nutrient deficiencies and imbalanced brain chemistry as a result of post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). 

NF + Well

4 Week Nicotine-Free Program$299

This is a 4 week coaching package designed for individuals looking to break free from an addiction to nicotine; including cigarettes, vape products or nicotine replacement therapy (ex. Nicorette).  During the course of four weeks we work together to identify your habit loops and triggers, improve coping skills, create a quit plan, and use targeted nutrition and amino acid therapy to ease cravings, withdrawal and detox.  

Amino Acid Consultation

60 Minute Consultation$149

This is one 60 minute amino acid consultation with one 15 minute follow-up session.   This consultation is designed for those who are not interested in the nutrition coaching piece at this time but would like a personalized approach to supplementation for the purpose of mood improvement, craving reduction, and relapse prevention.

Meal Planning

Meal Planning Service$75

Consists of meal planning assessment and customized 30 day meal plan with shopping lists and nutrition information to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Recovery Coaching

Holistic Recovery Coaching Membership Program$125/m, no contract required but a minimum of 3 months commitment is encouraged.

This is for the individual who would like weekly accountability to reach their recovery goals.  It is client-led and we customize a recovery plan around the various areas of recovery including but not limited to nutrition, exercise, healthy sleep habits, community, spirituality, engagement, and relationships.

Treatment Centers:

Kelly helps substance abuse treatment professionals grow their practices and support their clients by providing nutrition education and coaching for individuals in active and ongoing Recovery.

She works with clients both 1:1 and in group settings in substance abuse facilities, community centers or virtually through Zoom.

Weekly or monthly nutrition therapy recovery groupsprice varies depending on size and location

Educational seminars and workshops for patients, members or clinicians – price varies depending on size and location

Contact Kelly to learn more about nutrition for Recovery.