Addiction Nutrition Therapy is a therapeutic intervention designed to work along side traditional treatment and 12 step programs. Individuals in The Addiction Nutritionist’s wellness program work toward the following goals:

Transitioning to a diet rich in neuro-nutrients to balance brain chemistry and reduce cravings for drugs, alcohol, sugar and refined carbohydrates

Improve mood to reduce irritability, agitation and anxiety

Reduce inflammation to calm cravings and eliminate depression

Restore balance in the microbiome to improve mental health

Restore healthy sleep patterns

Balance blood sugar to prevent relapse

About The Addiction Nutritionist:

Kelly Miller

Since she was a young girl, Kelly knew she wanted to work with the recovery community. As a teen and into adulthood, she herself struggled for over 20 years with food and nicotine addiction. In her early 30’s she was diagnosed with multiple auto-immune disorders and began studying the strong relationship between nutrition, addiction and mood. It was this intersection of food and mental well-being that led Kelly to pursue an education in Nutritional Therapy. To read more about Kelly’s personal journey with Recovery, read her blog post.

As a Nutrition Recovery Coach and Nutritional Therapist Master Certified candidate (expected 2020), Kelly helps people find freedom from addiction and mood disorders by balancing their unique biochemistry to eliminate cravings and prevent relapse. She works closely with clients to build a balanced and thriving Recovery by incorporating whole food nutrition and holistic wellness into their daily practices.

She educates clients on how to support their addiction recovery and mood disorders through a combination of targeted nutrition protocols, balanced blood sugar and amino acid therapy. With food as the foundation, she leads clients to build a Recovery Lifestyle that takes a holistic approach to sleep, stress, exercise, community, relationships, spirituality and emotional growth.

Kelly’s education and professional experience includes:

Certified Nutrition Recovery Coach through The Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition

CCAR Certified Recovery Coach through Embark Peer Coach Academy

Nutrition Therapy Master Practitioner-Candidate through Nutrition Therapy Institute

2 years experience working with clients in various stages of recovery in both In-patient and Out-patient programs, who may be suffering from the following: Addiction to alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, meth, opiates/opioids, vaping and nicotine products, as well as food addiction, insomnia, anxiety and depression