Kelly works directly with clients, administering her program nationally through online individual coaching sessions. The program is designed for adults and teens:

  • Receiving treatment for substance abuse
  • In early- to long-term Recovery from substance abuse
  • Living with anxiety, depression or other low moods

15 Minute Consultation by Phone or Video Conference-Free

6 Week Virtual Coaching Package$300

Individual sessions $50-$75

Treatment Centers:

Kelly helps substance abuse treatment professionals in Metro Denver and Boulder grow their practice and support their clients by providing nutrition education and coaching in active and ongoing Recovery. She works with clients both 1:1 and in group settings in a substance abuse facility or elsewhere. Contact Kelly to learn more about nutrition for Recovery.

Weekly or bi-weekly nutrition recovery groupsprice varies depending on size and location

1 hour educational seminars for patients, members or clinicians-price varies depending on size and location